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Fundraising & Events

Why do we fundraise?

For many years the State Government subsidy to preschool’s has remained minimal. In 1994, due to drastic cuts in preschool funding, preschools were forced to raise their fees. The current level of State Government funding barely covers staff wages. As a result, all other costs must be covered by fees charged to parents or by fundraising.

Since 1994 all Hurstbridge Pre-School Committee of Management teams have kept fees at the lowest possible level. This is a priority to ensure as many children as possible in our community have access to the high quality program offered at Hurstbridge Pre-School.

The consequence of maintaining low fees is that fundraising must cover the short-fall in our budget. We would ask you to bear all this in mind when various fundraising events are organised. Of course, fundraising events are also great social gatherings which offer a fantastic avenue to connect with others in the preschool community.