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We provide an excellent educational program that goes beyond numeracy and literacy and assists children with the development of life skills such as resilience, problem solving, individual thinking, cooperation and inquiry. This is accompanied with an adherence to values including a genuine care and respect for others, for property and for our environment, embracing cultural differences and tolerance.

We acknowledge each child’s individuality and encourage independent thinking, self-motivation, perseverance and a belief in themselves and their abilities.

We recognise that a cooperative effort by parents and teachers is essential in providing a continuity of experience from the home to the kindergarten. This positive and open communication is essential to ensure the individual needs of each family regarding the care and learning of their child are met.

Our kindergarten provides a safe, happy and stimulating environment where knowledge, interests, skills and understanding are discovered, challenged and nurtured through play. This in turn provides a wonderful foundation for instilling the joy, love and thirst for learning, which is essential in formative educational years.