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Heidi Ratje – 3 Year Old & 4 Year Old Teacher (Nominated Supervisor)

Heidi joined the team at Hurstbridge Pre School in 2011 and believes that kinder is a time for preparing children for life and is a firm believer in play based learning.  Heidi is enjoying learning with the children at Hurstbridge Pre-School and is working towards assisting children to develop an awareness of the environment and people around them.





Carole Watson – 4 Year Old Assistant

Carole Watson lives in Wattle Glen and has been with the kinder for over 20 years. All 3 of Carole’s children attended the kindergarten. Carole has a wonderful imagination and supports the children’s play beautifully. Carole’s bright and happy personality brings a lovely harmony to the kinder.





Dini Shepherd – 3 Year Old Assistant

Dini Shepherd has been our very special 3-year-old group Assistant since 1976. Dini is a very caring, creative, highly valued colleague and friend who provides exceptional service and support to our Gumnut children, parents, Carlene and the 3 year old program. As a parent of 2 sons who attended the Hurstbridge Preschool, Dini has also been one of the many past parents who made sure their children attended the Preschool by lining up in the then long overnight queues for enrolment day!